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DVD Files Informer
DVD Files Informer is a handy utility for reviewing of DVD Media files parameters. Program views the parameters of these file formats: AC3, DTS, MPA, WAV (PCM) and MPEG.
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e-FunSoft Mastermind
e-FunSoft Mastermind is a mind/logic game. The object is to break the hidden code. With nice graphics and smooth animation. Six graphic styles: Spheres, Gems, etc. Levels: Beginner to Extreme, and Custom. High scores and statistics.
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EADS MP3 Player
The EADS MP3 Player is a small program which is designed to play an MP3-file without having to wait minutes until a large player with tons of plug-ins is loaded... We think everyone should be able to open a MP3-file in one second.
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Earjam IMP (Internet Music Player)
Earjam IMP finds, downloads, plays and burns the music you like and automatically converts pretty much every music file available on the web to be compatible with the user.
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A revolutionary new audio program that provides virtual ambient music right from your computer while you perform your normal everyday computing tasks!
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Easy CD DVD Cover Creator and Disc Label Maker
Easy CD DVD Cover Creator allows you to design and print your CD and DVD covers quickly and easily. Simple to use software, with a help file. Version 4.0 includes the facility to design inserts slimline and standard cases plus disc labels.
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Easy CD-DA Extractor
Make great-sounding direct digital copies from audio compact discs with Easy CD-DA Extractor. Digital Audio Extraction with an understandable user-interface.
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Easy DVD Copy
Easy DVD copy is a great tool to help you make a backup copy of a DVD movies that you own. You can not only copy your DVD collection to blank DVD discs, but also copy DVDs to hard disk folders,and burn DVDs from DVD-Video folder on your hard disk
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Easy MP3-To-WAV Maker
Easy MP3-To-WAV converts your MP3 files to WAV format on the fly.
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Easy Radio
Listen live to over 30000 radio stations on your PC! All our downloads are Spyware/adware FREE Now you can listen to thousands of great radio shows on-demand! Easy Radio makes it easy to capture Broadcast Radio Shows, XM Radio2^ and P
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